Understand The Operating Rules Of Baccarat’s Three-To-Many System

May 24, 2021 0 Comments

Poker, Blackjack, Casino, Black, RedFrom a long-term perspective, in a large sample range, the law of large numbers is a huge obstacle, which is well known.

From a short-term point of view, in a small sample range, or more intuitively within a shoe, uneven density and discrete distribution patterns have powerful lethality. This is not only in the ratio of solemnity and leisure, but also in various combinations of different types of graphics. In a shoe card, the banker’s ratio can fluctuate from 30.0% to 78.33%, and the idler’s ratio can fluctuate from 21.67% to 70.0%, or even greater. The magnitude of the fluctThe three-to- multiple betting method is indeed a more complicated system, so a set of effective calculation steps and methods must be specified in advance to ensure the normal betting. The reason for such a complex and large amount of funds is also not compelling. Otherwise, under the current rules, casinos will not open more and more without fear. It is quite difficult to defeat DC. It is difficult to understand the various problems without the testing and research of tens of millions to hundreds of millions of shoe brands. It is really an illusion to want to sit and win with a small amount of funds and simple methods to defeat DC. This is really an illusion, a beauty of monkey fishing for the moon.uation is quite alarming, and it is far from the generally believed 50/50 ratio. The randomness of independent events clearly tells us that the result of the next move is unpredictable, and the trend of the next stage is also unpredictable. One of the three trends that are inevitably good, bad, and neutral. Even if you guess randomly, there will be a certain percentage of correctness. This illusion has aroused continuous research and discussion. So there will be situation B, or situation B, which is a causal thinking mode to find the way to victory, but unfortunately this will not work.

No betting method can change the hit rate, and all betting methods have the same hit rate. In a small sample range of a few shoe cards or dozens of shoe cards, there may be a deviation in the life rate, but there is no such possibility in the case of a large sample range or a full array. So don’t easily believe the conclusions in a small sample range. For this proposition, only simple permutation and combination of knowledge can be fully explained.

The law of large numbers only tells us: the final trend of the banker-to-play ratio is 50.68%:49.32%, the banker’s winning rate is 50.68%*1.95=98.826%, and the net loss rate is -1.174%. The win rate of idle is 49.32%*2=98.64%, and the net loss rate is -1.36%. In the case of a flat bet or a bet with a small change, the du customer will definitely get a negative return. However, in the case of a bet with a wide range of changes, the result becomes quite complicated, and it is impossible to simply determine whether the final return is positive or Is negative. The goal of our research is how to use the characteristics of the cable to change the proportional relationship between wins and losses, creating a situation where you lose money in small bets and win money in large bets, so that the ratio of wins and losses remains unchanged (this is the big bet). The law of number), total win>total loss, the result of long-term betting is sure to win.

Each type of cable will be broken, and there is a fixed M disconnection cycle. For example, the disconnection period of the three-type straight cable or the Mabao cable is 7 times (there is no difference between the two), the four-type is 15 times, and the five-type is 31 times. After the cable is broken, the stair cable method is used to increase the bet amount, and then a certain number of times, such as 0.8M, is used to compensate. After we have performed N cable breaks and compensations, we lost a total of NM times. In terms of winning, we spent 0.8NM times to complete the compensation task. The remaining NM-0.8NM=0.2NM times is our profit.

Aces, Poker, Gambling, Playing CardsAt this point, has the problem been completely resolved? No! We also need to face the real problem of uneven density. It often happens that you will lose if you lose, and you will win if you win. This is similar to the wave law mentioned by some gamblers. From the first cable break, how many times will the cable break without being compensated in time? The amplitude of this wave peak and wave trough is unpredictable. Therefore, we need to have a certain number of stairs to buffer, and set a reasonable stop loss. In this way, very high demands are placed on funds. According to the Monte Carlo analogy test of hundreds of millions of shoe brands, mathematical function graph theory, and limit theory calculations, it is known that at least 9 layers of buffer space are necessary to ensure victory and effectively cope with the violent impact of uneven density. Otherwise, It can only be said that it is possible to win, but it cannot be said that it is inevitable.

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